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Please contact us by E-Mail. We will respond quickly.

For our organization, E-Mail is far more efficient than mail, FAX or phone. Please be as detailed as possible in your first E-Mail and we will be as detailed as possible in our response.

Our most frequently asked question from website owners is... "Do you do custom CGI work and CGI installations?"

Yes we do; our rates are reasonable and our work is guaranteed. Explain your goals and we will try to give you a reasonable, no obligation quote after looking at your site. Generally, all we will need an FTP login and password in order to test the environment.

Contact Us By Standard E-Mail

You may use the following information for contacts. If you would like to contact us concerning anything on our site, errors, or for specific information of some kind, click on the link below. JavaScript MUST be enabled for the link to work correctly. If your status bar is enabled and you wish to send from another mail source, such as Outlook or any other resident mail client, you can read the address on the status bar. The address is webmaster at our domain, DesertValleyServers.Com. You may also use of Web Form Mail further below on this page; before sending the form, verify the security code. While the security code is character sensitive, it is not case sensitive. Your name, your E-Mail address and a message are mandatory. Including the other information on the form makes our job much easier. You will also get a copy of what you send returned to the E-Mail address you enter.

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Privacy Note

In order to protect our mail server (and all of you on the Internet) from spammers, on each E-Mail from our Form E-Mail server, we do collect and retain the sender's IP address, the ISP's code, the time and date of the E-Mail and other browser related information so that we can trace and identify an unwelcome spammer; we cyclically delete those E-Mails and information after 30 days if no spam is detected by us or reported. Our E-Mail server is extremely secure but no matter how secure, it is necessary to prepare for unwanted occurrences. In your copy of your Form E-Mail to us, you will read an anti-spammer message; we have not had spam or a spammer now in many years (for many reasons) but we do ask that you let us know if you see any sign of spam from this server. We will prosecute ANY spamming on our server to the fullest extent of the FEDERAL and / or INTERNATIONAL law.

If you are a spammer, you will do better elsewhere. We have prosecuted several times and have always been successful. The penalties have been severe and hardly worth whatever drives you to spamming. Please accept this as a warning and a promise. If you spam here (or even try), you will be prosecuted; no exceptions!